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Duck Playground Accessories

爱生活,愛美食,愛小動物, 爱摄影繪畫, 手作飾物以動物/ 蝴蝶刺繡 和各種天然水晶石材為主, 亦有來相 人像/ 寵物 手繪 和 來相訂制人像刺繡服務 (可選擇 手繪 / 刺繡在筆袋/小手挽袋, 大方手巾仔或TOTE BAG上)

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.

Our collections  focus on nature theme : Butterfly, flowers, birds with a Chinese touch and emboriding skill with natural gem stones.

Discover your dream piece of jewellery with our collections.

Also portrait / emboriding services for your loved ones

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