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Sai Kung Sunday Market at Hong Kong Academy


Sai Kung Market Ltd’s objective is to operate a monthly Market at Hong Kong Academy School (HKA) in Sai Kung on the first Sunday of the month but always check the calendar. The idea is to assist the area’s small businesses, artists and artisans to sell their products and services while highlighting the school and community’s unique social and cultural diversity and vibrancy for residents and visitors alike. We want it to be fun and we want the venue, our vendors and visitors to be treated with respect. We should all take responsibility in making that our overriding priority. Having said that, we need some guidelines to work by and they are set out below. We have other markets from time to time and these rules and regulations will apply to them also.

  1. The organizer reserves the right to change, override or even downright ignore any or all of the following because the organizer is always right.
  2. In the ridiculously unlikely scenario that the organizer is not right, rule 1 applies.
  3. This is NOT a first-come-first-served operation where anyone can be a vendor as long as they have the price of admission. We will be screening applicants for the quality and appropriateness of their products and services. The organizer’s decision is final.
  4. Artisan made and sold arts/crafts will generally take preference over importers or re-sellers unless the organizer feels that one vendor over another would give a better balance to the Market. You may disagree under your breath or refer to rule 2 (you get the idea). If you are buying cheap imports from a website and then intending to gouge unsuspecting visitors to the market you should save yourself a LOT of embarrassment and pain by not even applying.
  5. Vendors from Sai Kung and surrounding district will generally take preference over vendors from other areas unless the organizer feels that one vendor over another would give a better balance to the Market.
  6. Points 4. and 5. notwithstanding, vendors will be selected for a variety of reasons but the really good ones are suitability of goods and or services such as being handmade, eco-conscious, organic, fair trade, made from sustainable stuff, healthy, the organizer likes them, They’re appropriate for the market, etc.
  7. Vendor’s cars parked in the HKA bussing is at the owner’s risk and we do not accept any responsibility for the damage caused to your car.
  8. Vendors that need access to an electric socket, of which there are very few, will be subject to a surcharge of HK$200. Vendors may only use the socket available. The use of multi-plugs, extension and or buss bars is not allowed unless expressly agreed with the organizer.
  9. Payment for the market is by bank transfer only. If payment needs to be made in any other way there is a HK$250 surcharge.
  10. Vendors must conform to all Hong Kong Public Health Regulations and Standards of cleanliness.
  11. In general we won’t cancel an event unless the HK Observatory issues a Black Rain Warning or a T8. The only other reason an event will be cancelled is by the Hong Kong Academy or any other venue. Sadly, no refunds are issued for weather related event or any other force majeure cancellations.
  12. Vendors must conform to all legal requirements pertaining to their goods or service under Hong Kong Law.
  13. We do not allow sharing of tables other than in exceptional circumstances and only with the organisers permission.
  14. All vendors must post a sign identifying the name of business represented, its contact details and where it is located on their table/area/display. Bring plenty of business cards, plenty of literature and lots of change.
  15. All products and services should be clearly marked with their price. This can be done by individually tagging each item or by listing all prices on a clearly visible and easily legible sign. Making prices up as you go along is frowned upon.
  16. All bookings must be paid in advance by bank transfer.
  17. Plenty of change is also a good idea because, “No, I am the market organizer not an ATM,” is unlikely to be a popular response. Other vendors also really look forward to giving you change instead of selling their product or service, no wait, actually other vendors hate that. Again, you get the idea.
  18. Unloading time begins two hours before selling time. Loading time is not until the Market is officially closed. Vendors are expected to have packed up and left the Market site by 30 minutes after closing time. Anyone still there after 30 minutes has to buy the organizer a drink of his choice at one of the local Sai Kung hostelries.
  19. There are no conveyances, carts, trolleys or people available to assist in your loading, unloading, transport to table or setting up. You are expected to be self-sufficient in this manner. You may be able to elicit help from friendly fellow vendors but this should not be relied upon. Using other vendor’s children as pack mules is frowned upon and may even be illegal.
  20. From time to time free parking may be available at HKA for vendors and a space will be first come, first served to those vendors that have registered the need for a parking space. Gates to the parking area will close at selling time and will not reopen until the Market closes. All vendors with vehicles at HKA on Market day are expected to stay until closing time and not leave the premises at any time. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the vendor not being able to park at HKA for any future markets. With a bit of luck and some snazzy parking every table should get a parking space. If you are lucky enough to be parking in the bussing area, you will be told where to park, how to park, you will not question the security guards and you will marvel at how close your car is, under cover, to the action. You will wonder why you ever attended another Market. You will feel sorry for everyone at outdoor markets and may never go back to one. Please don't be rude or petulant with our wonderful security guards because I will take their side every time and if I have to come and sort out an awkward vendor you can bet that I won't be smiling or offering to help you with your stuff!
  21. Each vendor is responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness around their table. In general the table and surrounding area should be left as it was found. Please take your rubbish/garbage home and recycle whenever possible. There are some recycling bins at HKA but they are quite small.
  22. Our cancellation policy is clearly outlined on our price list.
  23. Opinions are like boogers, everybody has them. We want to hear your opinions on the future direction of the market. We want your input. Talk to Greg in private, call him, other than on a market day, or simply send an email. However, we reserve the right to ignore or ridicule your ideas in a public forum or claim them as our own. We want to be the best market in Hong Kong and still try to get better. You should have high expectations of the Market because we will have them of you.
  24. Each vendor must contain their merchandise to the table. If any space other than the table is to be used be mindful of fellow vendors and the safety of the public. Greg is generally at every market and may well ask you to move or reposition something. It’s nothing personal. It’ll be for the good of the market in general.
  25. INSURANCE: Vendors are responsible for the placement, maintenance and cost of insurance, where necessary or appropriate, covering any and all risk (liability, fire, theft, and damage) related to the Vendor’s participation in the Market, and during the entire period the Vendor’s goods remain in the Market.
  26. Allow yourself plenty of time to set up and help others if you can. Setting up late is annoying and stressful for everyone. It shows a lack of thought and professionalism. You won’t be doing it too many times that’s for sure.
  27. Packaging must conform to pertinent Hong Kong regulations.
  28. You can put up posters and fliers etc., but make sure you take them down at the end of the day and make sure you leave no lasting marks. Blue Tack is best and tape does not work well. Any additional cleaning or repair due to you trying to put a nail into a mirror, for example, or sticking a picture up with superglue will be at your own cost. N.B. - Repairs to schools are even more expensive than repairing sailing boats. You will be charged 100% of the damage repairs plus a 10% administration fee.
  29. Vendors shall not engage in any unethical business practice. The Vendor shall not engage in any activity which would, in the opinion of the organizer tend to lower the character of the Market. If you do you won’t be coming back. Breaking Bad was a TV show we do not want that sort of behavior at the market.
  30. There is NO SMOKING anywhere on the campus either inside, outside or near exits. If you smell strongly of smoke others may find it offensive and complaints of that nature will be taken seriously by the organizer.
  31. Busking, soliciting, acrobatics, the playing of nose flutes and outside advertising requires permission from the organizer. Mime, if you’re really good at it, is acceptable behind your table.
  32. Vendors shall adhere to all Hong Kong codes pertaining to liquor, drugs, health and fire ordinances.
  33. Hot food, coffee pots and anything even mildly hazardous must be on the back of the table on a firm base and away from the public. You should also not run with scissors at any time and a jacket is a smart idea on a day that could turn chilly. Actually, the air conditioning can be a bit cold sometimes so a pashmina is a good thing to have to hand. It’s not something you have to consider at many markets I know but, hey . . .
  34. All complaints or concerns must be made in writing to the organizer for consideration and response. Also, people who make a nuisance of themselves constantly asking inane questions, complaining about petty things and just generally being annoying to the organizer will suddenly find that the Market has no tables available when they next apply.
  35. No pets will be allowed anywhere on campus except the likes of Catherine’s Puppies, which has a special dispensation and charitable status and, also, because we love them and want them to get a nice home. No exceptions. And, no, you may not leave Fido in the car. Service animals with up to date credentials would of course be permitted and petted.
  36. Vendors need to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times during Market day because some unscrupulous vendors will put them to work making soap or jewelry or something. Seriously, set-up time can be an especially dangerous time for unattended children. Small children should stay with a parent or guardian at all times. Roller blading, skateboarding and so on are not allowed on campus. And, if we’re honest, it would probably be best if kids stayed at home. The Market can take no responsibility for their safety, whereabouts or loss of binkies and or noo noos. The entertainers or kid friendly vendors are NOT babysitters.
  37. Vendors will conduct themselves courteously. It is the Market’s intent to win friends and benefit the vendors, consumers and the community. There will be no discrimination according to race, color, creed, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, nationality or whether I need a shave or not.
  38. No soliciting, political or religious activities shall be permitted on campus or near the organizer because apart from a short span of attention he also has a very short fuse.
  39. Hawking (calling attention to your products in a loud, repetitive, public manner) during the Market day is discouraged and the organizer reserves the right to use a fire extinguisher inappropriately on anyone that annoys him.
  40. The organizer reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling or any product from being sold. It is very clear what we’re trying to do here so bring your ‘A’ game.
  41. The organizer or HKA is not responsible for loss of property or damage (or anything else for that matter).
  42. If a product is labeled “organic,” it must be certified as required by Hong Kong regulations. If you tell fibs you’re out.
  43. All signs must remain within the allotted vendor's exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors' display or views. Pop ups are great but not if they are blocking your neighbour’s sight line.
  44. The organizer has full authority to assign exhibit space. Requests for particular sites will be given consideration but the organizer reserves the right to assign and locate all vendors. Vendors wishing to reserve a specific stall location may well be subject to a surcharge of HK$200 at the organizer’s discretion.
  45. Any vendor challenging another vendor's product's legitimacy or conduct must file a written complaint with the organizer, giving the name of the vendor and the product or situation they feel may not be in compliance with Market policies. The complainant must date and sign their name to the complaint and the organizer will attempt resolution. If resolution is not possible, the organizer will decide what he feel’s is best for all and you’ll simply have to live with that. It’s how they did it in the old days.
  46. Vendors who do not bring enough change for the day may be made to wear a ‘Dunce’ hat, for the whole of the next market. This is a big pointy hat with a big ‘D’ on it and it reminds me of my school days in England. Those were the days.
  47. Be aware of what other vendors are selling and help visitors to find other vendors if you can. What goes around comes around.
  48. As already mentioned, car parking at HKA is at the owner’s risk. If you park or drive like an idiot you will not be able to use the car park again. Think of your fellow vendors, be considerate. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED WHEN UNLOADING OR GREG WILL SHOUT AT YOU. Security religiously gives me the names of people who are awkward in the car park. They don't park in the bus bay anymore.
  49. Have fun, be friendly, smile and help a fellow vendor if you can. Sai Kung Sunday Market is about commerce but it is also about fostering community. Turn off your phone/tablet and talk to people. A real smiley face is so much better than a digital one.
  50. If you’ve read this far well done you are the sort of person we want at the market because you take it seriously. You understand what we’re doing here and want to contribute.

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