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Fee schedule, payment terms and a general idea to our guidelines for vendors

Please also read our full Vendor Participation Agreement here

From January 1, 2017 Sai Kung Markets will charge a monthly fee for all online vendors of HKD 200.00 per calendar month to be paid in advance by scheduled credit card payment or automated direct debit. You will not be invoiced but an e-receipt will be sent once payment has been received. We do not send out hard copies of any documentation. It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is cleared to our account by the first of each month*.

Late payment will mean suspension of your use of the site until payment is made to our satisfaction and will incur an administrative charge of HKD 150.00 each time. Regular late payment will not be tolerated and will cause your removal from the site.

There will be a 5% commission on any and all sales made through the site and this will be taken prior to settlement on any sales made through the site. Payments will be made on a monthly basis initially. That is month following month of invoice or settlement. As we progress we expect to make payments faster.

Currently we use PayPal to process payments through our site. These costs are in addition to ours. If we can find a better/cheaper payment portal we will notify you.

You are not allowed to add links to other sites of any kind or direct potential customers of to other payment platforms or procedures. We will monitor this diligently. Failure to adhere to this rule will force us to remove you from the site. is for the benefit of our whole vendor and visitor community but it isn’t a charity. We have to make money to be able to provide the services we do. Cutting us out of the sales process harms all of us in the long run and anyone found carrying on in such a manner will be removed from our site immediately, permanently and they will also be banned from attending any of our events, such as, Sai Kung Sunday Market. There will be no warnings given.

It is in everyone’s best interests to promote It is a truism that a rising tide floats all ships, meaning that increased traffic to the site benefits us all. You will benefit from exposure to our Facebook followers currently numbering almost 14,000. You will benefit from cross selling opportunities and all the other forms of exposure available to Sai Kung Markets and The other option is to do it all yourself. We believe we all benefit from working together.

* As a general guideline to running your own site you can expect to pay anything from HKD 500 upwards per month for a site you have to ‘build’ yourself. It will probably not have a payment gateway. Your will have to monitor the site yourself and upgrade security, anti-virus and anti-malware software yourself. You will not have access to a web developer, you will not have access to an array of professional services at discounted rates such graphic designer, bookkeeper, photographer, etc. You will have to do all maintenance, etc. yourself and so on. It is a nightmare, we know we’ve tried it, which is why we invested in having a purpose built platform for our vendors and one easy monthly fee so that you can get on with making money and doing what you do best and for cheaper than you can do yourself.

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