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Market Day Reminders

  1. You've already agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations and you've read them . . . at least you've said you've read them.
  2. The East Entrance, NOT the main entrance, will be open from 0900 and close at 1050. Walk past the main entrance and round the corner to your left. 100 metres max. You will see security there and inform them you are with the market. They may want you to sign in. If you’re bringing a car (as long as you have registered it) you will be able to park in the covered bus area. Once inside the bus area walk through the big doors in front of you, then the next set and you are in the market area. It’s that easy. If your car is not registered with me you will not be parking in the bussing area so get ready for a walk.
  3. Bring lots of change.
  4. Allow yourself plenty of time to set up and help others if you can. This market is about community first and foremost. A poor attitude or the inability to play nice will not go down well.
  5. Bring a garbage bag and take your garbage away with you. Please make an effort to recycle whenever possible.
  6. Make your table (and yourselves) as attractive as possible. Having gum or mints to eat is another good idea. No we're not your mother but you’d be surprised . . .
  7. Don’t be static behind your table come out from behind and interact with people it will double or triple your sales.
  8. Be positive. Things may not be exactly as you want them but no one wants to listen to someone moaning that a stall they don’t like is near them, or that they wanted a different position or that the floor should be a different colour. If you have a legitimate complaint bring it to Greg AFTER the event. He’ll do what I can or write you off as a moaning Minnie and you may find it hard to get a table in future.
  9. Did we mention you bringing enough change?
  10. Charity tables you are most welcome. Please, also be mindful that people are trying to do business too – just saying.
  11. You may want to bring snacks/food to eat while you work and definitely a drink just be mindful of those around you and our visitors. Mouths full of food should not be seen or heard.
  12. No smoking anywhere on campus or near the doors. If you have to do it go and hide.
  13. You are responsible for the area around your table and I have told the school they will not be able to tell that we’ve been there. Don’t make me a liar.
  14. You can put up posters and fliers etc., but make sure you take them down at the end of the day and make sure you leave no lasting marks.
  15. Entertainers and others in the Kidszone are not childminders. If you bring children it is your responsibility to look after. The best choice is leave them at home if you can. We'll be as understanding as possible but if your kid is a pain it should be your problem and no one elses.
  16. Enjoy the day!

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