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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Sai Kung Sunday Market located?

A. Sai Kung Sunday Market is located within the grounds of Hong Kong Academy, at 33 Wai Man Road in Sai Kung. Take a look at this map to get an idea.

Q. What are the trading hours?

The Sai Kung Sunday Market operates on the first Sunday of every month, whereever possible, from September to December and March to June. It's open from 11am - 5pm. Our other markets vary so contact us or see our promotional material. It's a good idea to sign up to our occassional newsletters. We won't bombard you with mindless emails and it's a good way of staying current.

Q How can I get to the market on market day?

Vendors usually have this worked out but those who don't need to book transport might look for someone to share a cab. Post on our Facebook page, you'll be surprised at how pleasant every one is.

Non-vendors - Sai Kung is easily reached by bus, car or taxi. Do a Google search for 33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung and you'll see all the options. A favourite, for coming from the island, is MTR to Hang Hau and then the 101M bus to Sai Kung Bus Station. All you need do then is walk up Wai Man Road with the swimming pool on your right and Hong Kong Academy is the big building on the left.

Q. What happens if it rains on market days?

A. Ooooooh, we LOVE this question, which we've been asked frequently thanks to Hong Kong's generous annual rainfall. The Sai Kung Sunday Market is open on market days come rain, hail or shine. There is great weather guaranteed at every market day, thanks to the fact that we are in a huge indoor area within Hong Kong Academy in Sai Kung.

We'll only close on a market day if the Hong Kong Observatory issues a red or black rainstorm warning, or if a T8 or above typhoon warning. See our rules and regulations for a full explanation.

Q. What size will my table be?

A. As a guideline, at our Sai Kung Market the tables are 1800mm wide and they vary in depth from around 600 to 700mm. If your table is going to be smaller than that at another venue for example you will be told in advance.

Q. How many chairs will I get?

A. We supply two chairs for every table at the Sai Kung Market, this may vary for others. But, if you need more you can have them. There is no charge if they are available.

Q. Can I bring my children?

Non-vendors - absolutely, there are a ton of things for kids to see, eat and do. Please keep them close to you though and make sure they are well behaved, such as no running, shouting and screaming or riding skateboards or scooters, etc.

Vendors - This is a tricky one. Ideally the answer would be no because you can't do a proper job on your stall if you're having to look after your kids. And, if you're not looking after your kids you are going to upset someone, you know it. The Lego tables and so on are not a creche for you to dump your kids. It's your call. If you don't have any other support then come on down but remember they are your responsibility for the whole day.

Q. Are dogs allowed at the market?

A. No. Apart from dogs belonging to Catherine's Puppies, a registered charity, which are confined to a fenced off area, dogs are not permitted at the market.

Q. What kind of products does the Sai Kung Sunday Market consider for application?

A. Too many to list here take a look at our image gallery, Facebook page or the rest of the website and you'll get an idea. There really is an amazing range and choice.

Q. How do I apply for a stall at the Sai Kung Sunday Market or become an online vendor?

A. Go the the Vendor Application page on this website, complete and submit the form. The Market welcomes new and original products but all new vendors are vetted for suitability to the market. We have high standards and curate the market fiercely.

Q. Does the Sai Kung Sunday Market allow casual traders?

A. No. All products have to be vetted by the organiser and, in all honesty, most of our markets are sold out way in advance of the event.

Q. Do I have to be a vendor at Sai Kung Sunday Market to join the online marketplace?

A. No, you do not. We welcome vendors, shops, services and so on. It's an online community . . . like the markets, just digital.


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